we saved the city
Track Name: Lose Yourself To Dance (feat. Pharrell Williams)
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Album: Random Access Memories
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i was on this account and i had no idea

sadies snoring REALLY LOUD


How to be romantic with me

  • Buy me flowers
  • Tell me I’m beautiful
  • Kiss my forehead
  • Bare the keyblade
  • no seriously
  • Be A Keyblade Master
  • Master the fucking keyblade


Namine Appreciation Week:

Day 3: favorite relationship ➜ namikai

#kh #gaze


From now on Im going to speak like an anime protagonist giving an inspirational speech, because….. *clenches fist* because there are people who believe in me! People who are constantly giving me strength! And even if they’re not with me right now…. *faint smile at the ground*…. They’re always sending  me their wishes a-and I want to be able to give them courage too!!!!